TimeBank Member Policies

Reviewed By Policy Committee Meeting 5/4/2012

Debit Limit Policy:


The TimeBank will initiate conversations with organization members regarding specific suggestions of ways they can earn TimeBank hours. The goal of the conversation is to encourage the reciprocity of all and to encourage organization to resume earning TimeBank hours thus contributing to the overall effectiveness of the TimeBank


The TimeBank will check with members who do not accrue hours .

If the individual is having any type of health problems or is requiring more assistance then they can give, the caller will attempt to set up those matches for the member. 

If the member is unsure of the skills they can offer, the caller will make suggestions and assist with matching to give the member the opportunity to acknowledge and use their skills.

 If the member is not receiving requests for their offers, the caller and the member will review the member's offers and attempt to make matches or adjustments the individual's offers if necessary.

Member Renewal Policy:

If a member has had 0 transactions within 2 years, the member may be automatically removed from the TimeBank.  A member can be reinstated upon request

If the member is reachable, their offers and requests will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary. The member will be given some options of ways to become active again. These suggestions may be opportunities to offer their particular skills or opportunities to receive services they have requested in the past.

If the member is unreachable after phone attempts, email attempts, and attempts through the mail the member will be deactivated and their offers and requests removed.

Member Fees/Donations Policy:

The TimeBank will ask for Organization member fees annually. There is no fee for an individual member.

The TimeBank will send out a fundraising/donation mailing annually to all members.

New Member Policy:

New members will be contacted within one month of activation to check in regarding how they are doing with exchanges and if they are experiencing any difficulty.

Member Reference Request Policy:

If a member requests a reference from a coordinator on an individual, the coordinator will share whether the individual has performed that particular service before.

For example, a  member calls a coordinator asking for a reference for a painting offer. The coordinator would tell the member yes, that member has done many painting jobs or no, that member has not yet answered a painting request.

  If the member wants a more in depth reference than above, the person wanting the reference will ask the person offering  the service to provide their references. The person requesting the references would then contact the references if appropriate.

If complaints about a member are reported to the TimeBank, the complaints will be tracked through coordinator notes in the member's profile. This will be used to monitor the member if necessary and look for patterns.

Scope Of Member Policies:

Member policies are universal covering all TimeBank geographic locations. If exceptions present themselves, ex. TimeBank store, a specific policy for the exception may be proposed. The TimeBank Board of Directors will approve or deny the proposed policy.

Background Check Issues:

The TimeBank performs a Wisconsin online CCAP check (Consolidated Court Automation Programs) and National Sex Offender Registry check and encourages members to perform due diligence in maintaining their own comfort and safety.

Due to philosophical questions, cost, and the logistical requirements of managing member's social security numbers, the TimeBank remomends the following.

1. Organizations requiring higher level background checks have the lead responsibility in initiating and fulfilling their needs and requirements.

2. The Organization can send out an email explaining that the people associated with their organization need a higher level of service and require a higher level background check for members offering service to that specific population.

3. The Organization can explain why this information is needed in a broadcast email (vulnerability, safety, etc).

TimeBank members wanting to provide services to populations served by organization member of the TimeBank must complete the higher level of background check required by the participating organization. The Organization requiring the more extensive background check would be responsible for collecting and protecting TimeBank members required information (social security numbers).

Classes, or Other Group Activities:

A member offering a class or workshop will need to abide by the general rule that everyone's time is valued equally. Thus, if a teacher has multiple students in a class, all paying TimeBank hours to attend, the teacher may take TimeBank hours equivalent to prep and teaching time and will donate excess TimeBank hours to the host organization (if the class is in a space belonging to a member organization or has been organized by a member organization), the TimeBank, or an organization of the teacher's choosing.

For example, Mary teaches a Spanish class for one hour. She prepares for the class for one hour. Ten students attend, paying one time dollar each. Mary takes two TimeBank hours - one for preparation time, one for teaching time. The remaining eight TimeBank hours go to the TimeBank or the host organization.